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nickrose wrote:

Obviously any unit can fail. But, it is more likely that you have a problem with the AC feed to the unit.

You’ve probably already tried this, but try different power leads, and connect it directly to a wall socket. If it is still no good you may want to send it in.


Thanks for the reply.  Initially CIOKS said to make sure I had pushed in the power cord far enough.  I had.  I’ve tried three different power cords, all of which work with other devices, including a recently purchased CIOKS DC-7.  I was surprised it failed as I expected it to last longer than 2 years.  I have an old PowerFactor 2 that is still going, though it is different power technology.

I contacted Eventide support and they told me there was only a 1 year warranty on it, even though their website says it’s 5 years.  Called Sweetwater, where I bought it from, and they confirmed the warranty is 5 years.  So sending it to Sweetwater to deal with the warranty claim.  They said it will take 3-4 weeks so maybe it is getting sent back to CIOKS in Poland.  We will see.