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After some more fiddling, I think some of this is a lack of understanding of how control signals propagate on my part.  Still, I’m seeing unexpected behavior.

What I am trying to achieve is a single knob that scales an array of constant values.  I’m trying to use a knob to set the”offset” and “multiplier” inputs on the “mknob” module with a set of constants feeding the “mknob” inputs.  Sometimes, the inputs are supplied by a previous output…  I’m ultimately trying to implement a numeric sequence f(n) = <something> + f(n-1).

In the attached sigfile, I have two knobs driving the offset and multiplier of a 2 in/out mknob.  in1 is supplied by a c_constant = 1.  in2 is supplied by out1.  Two “monitor” text fields are also attached to the knobs and another two attached to the mknob outputs.

1. when you change the “OFFSET” knob, the fields seem to update but the mknob input is not applied, the output is simply the offset.

For example, with offset = 1, I would expect:

out1 = 2

out2 = 3

2. nothing in the “mknob” updates when you move the “MULTIPLIER” knob.  That seems wrong.

Ultimately, I probably really want an “mmonitor” since I’m just trying to display numbers, but the “mknob” seemed like it should work…

See attached sigfile.