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Eventide Staff
frank00 wrote:
I just installed the UltraChannel channel strip and can't figure out how to get the de-esser to function in the compressor section of the tool. Without changing any other of the compressor's settings (or any of the other function settings in the tool), I've tried clicking on the de-ess button and rotating the de-esser's frequency knob with the "in/out" button for the section both active and inactive. With the tool assigned to the input of a vocal track, I loop over a section of audio with a lot of hard "S" sounds and don't notice a single difference in sound so I'm guessing there's more to getting de-essing working on the compressor section? The owner's manual leaves a little too be desired with regard to getting this functionality going. Can anyone out there offer any suggestions? I would appreciate it if anyone out there can point me in the right direction?

Hi frank00, 


First, make sure that the “in/out” button on the compressor section of the channel strip is on (highlighted in green) and then turn on the “de-ess” button (highlighted in blue). 


In general, more egregious sibilance tends to sit between 6-9 kHz, and you’ll have to set the Threshold fairly low to about -30 or -40 along with a quick Attack time of about 10ms or less for best results. 


Once you have your settings dialed in correctly, you should see the blue Gain Reduction (GR) meter reflect the higher frequencies that are being compressed. 


Let me know if that helps.