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camn wrote:
I would bet this is a feature, not a bug, Matt. If you sent the right signals, you get the right behavior. Probably I can help if you tell us exactly what you are trying to do…if your controller is suitably customizable. What controller are you using, and what messages are you sending?


I’m using an Akai Force with the Midi Out port going straight into the H9. There are assignable knobs that I mapped different midi parameters to for the H9, like for bypass and increment/decrement preset. The midi CC values range from 0-127 and can be set to toggle the max value or just linearly sweep between values. I assigned midi CC #15 for the bypass, CC#40 and 41 for decrement/increment, and I’ve tried multiple different CC numbers for the performance switch but currently it is using CC #15. Like I said earlier, for all other algorithms the performance switch midi parameter works fine when I use it this way, just not the timefactor algorithms.

This is my only controller for my setup and is the easiest way for me to send midi messages. I’m using the through output on the H9 as well to send midi messages to another pedal and then that uses a through output to send midi to a midi-CV eurorack module. I haven’t tried disconnecting the midi through connections from the H9, but I’ll try that tonight in case that somehow could be the problem.