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I moved from a MADI setup to DANTE and I definitely recommend DANTE over MADI.  It is much more flexible to route with standard networking equipment.

You’ll need to download the free DanteController software for MacOS.  You’ll also need some sort of DANTE interface.  I have a RedNet PCI card in an external PCI case connected to my 2013 Mac Pro.  It works great. If you just want to send DANTE to/from the H9000, that is all you’d need.  If you want to record analog audio, you’ll need some sort of A/D/A box.  I use the Lynx Aurora(n), but there are many to choose from.

In Logic, I can see all the DANTE channels and have mapped them to the 32 inputs on the H9000.  I can access any of them using an I/O plugin.

Something like this would get you the digital I/O to/from your computer:


From there you could add A/D/A converters.  Or, get an all-in-one unit with either line level or mic pre’s.