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Hi I too have just purchased an H9 Max Black and everything is not working right. I have updated the software, factory reset and initialized and have done everything but no sound is coming from the unit.  I plug my guitar directly to the H9 and to the amp.  I used its original power supply included in the box. When the unit is turned off, i can hear my amp but when its on and active, no sound is coming.  I cannot connect thru blue tooth also.  Is this a defective unit? Its distressing coz we don’t have resellers here in the Philippines to ask for help.  I bought this from the US.  


bohan wrote:

Sounds like you have a bad unit. I’m sorry about that. I would recommend the last thing before you exchange or return it.

Please try updating the unit with Eventide Direct Updater, which is bundled with H9 Control. If you are on Mac, you can find it in H9 Control by clicking the “Window” -> “Open Eventide Direct Updater” on the menu bar. If you are on Windows, you may just search “Direct Updater” in the Start menu. To update the unit in Direct Updater, you will need to boot your H9 into UPDATE mode by pressing the HOTKNOB while powering up.

After the update, please do a full factory reset by powering up unit with pressing and holding the right footswitch and the big black knob until you see INITIA on the display