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Hello Sir, yes i did connect it using PC and USB cable, it did connect with the H9.  I have updated it to the latest firmware and did the system restore, however, there is no improvement, i still didn’t get a sound from the unit.  


bohan wrote:

coolrai9 wrote:

Hi I too have just purchased an H9 Max Black and everything is not working right. I have updated the software, factory reset and initialized and have done everything but no sound is coming from the unit.  I plug my guitar directly to the H9 and to the amp.  I used its original power supply included in the box. When the unit is turned off, i can hear my amp but when its on and active, no sound is coming.  I cannot connect thru blue tooth also.  Is this a defective unit? Its distressing coz we don’t have resellers here in the Philippines to ask for help.  I bought this from the US.

It sounds like you should connect the unit to your PC via a USB cable, and reinstall the latest firmware in H9 Control. Let me know if this works out for you.