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bohan wrote:

dantarbill wrote:

I’ve used the H9 Control app (in Windows) to map MIDI CC 12 to the HotKnob value.  It works fine with the CC messages coming from a Boss MS-3…but only when the H9 Control app is running.  When the app’s not there and connected via USB, it quits listening to the CC 12 messages.

How do you get the control mapping to “stick” when the app’s not there?  How do you actually SAVE it to the pedal?

(This sounds like a really basic question that must have been answered many times by now.)

This sounds not right. Is MS-3 connected to H9 via a 5-pin MIDI cable? H9 will ignore the 5-pin connection if its USB port is connected.

You should only connect the 5-pin MIDI. The mapping can be done on the unit too in the settings menu (long press the HOTKNOB + right FSW)

I tried from the unit itself (which was difficult because controls and button presses didn’t seem to respond as documented).  When I finally got to the point of setting up the mapping, I saw that the mapping I wanted was already there.

So…I was back to the place where it works with the app running and doesn’t work without the app.  THEN, I tried disconnecting the USB cable from the H9 unit.  That when things started to work as expected!

Is this the way this is supposed to go?