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Eventide Staff
andysalt wrote:
When I enter the hidden preset (no.9) first time round, the tuner selects on the H9 via a midi PC change.

Are you sure you don’t mean MIDI CC change? There is no tuner preset on the H9. It has to be engaged sending a MIDI CC# and you can actually customize which CC# to use. Maybe there is a conflicting CC number being used that is causing the problem.

andysalt wrote:
If I then press the atom footswitch twice (switch away from the tuner to preset 1…

What PC # is Preset 1 on the G3 sending?

andysalt wrote:
…then back to preset 9, my tuner),

What commands do you have programmed on the G3’s Preset 9? Again, this should only be sending a CC#. Check if the toggle behavior itself doesn’t have programmable latching behavior, meaning it’s in a different instance with every toggle; some controllers offer this functionality.

andysalt wrote:
the h9 then engages in a delay mode (my first saved preset on the h9).

By this statement, the G3 is sending a PC to the H9. Make sure there is no other command being sent.

This would be a good time to use the G3 App to make sure your not missing something.