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billymerrick wrote:
I brought the DC brick in the hope that it would power it but the 9v for the Space is different to all the other 9v.

Most pedals use a 2.1mm center negative power cable connector. Space uses a 2.5mm center (+) positive connector. You can buy an adapter that inverts the polarity and converts the standard 2.1mm (-) to 2.5mm (+) connector: http://www.voodoolab.com/shop/index.php?cPath=22_24_30&osCsid=p1hmh9e590bfue563pfti33bi5

billymerrick wrote:
I have now brought the Volto 3 as I wished to include the stompbox in my busking set and none of the cables fit the Space once more. Can anyone explain why this is? Or even better make it known to me if I can use it with the Brick or the Volto.

The cables won’t fit for the reasons stated above.

No, you cannot use the Volto 3 with the Space. In fact, the Volto manual says specifically says, under KEY LIMITATIONS, “Not intended for high-draw digital pedals” Here’s the manual for reference: https://help.pedaltrain.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/360032358814/VOLTO3-Instructions.pdf

The rechargeable battery products from Mission Engineering are good alternatives, like the 529 or 529i models. The 529 features one 9v 500 mA outlet suitable for Space. They even sell sets that include a recharging pack for the rechargeable battery. ***However, you will still need a converter cable to reverse the polarity of the connector, as they don’t supply you with the appropriate cable either.