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chriscarter wrote:


At the moment I’m trying two methods… one is bringing signals (mostly synths, drum machines for now) into Logic Pro via Dante and using the Logic I/O plugin to reroute those in and out of the H9000 channels. The other method is to use the Dante Controller app to send signals directly into the H9000 channels before they get to Logic – but that’s not as flexible as doing the routing from within Logic, as you can send more than one signal (or whole mixes) via Dante to the H9000 from within the DAW.

Thanks. Good to have options.

Method #2 would seem to promise lower latency. Is there any noticeable difference in latency between the two methods?

On another tangent, from a wholistic viewpoint in terms of recording, do you generally lay down individual tracks and then adjust their timing (if necessary) when mixing down? Or do you compose all or most tracks and then record them simultaneously? Does using Dante change any aspect of your fundamental approach to recording?