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siggy76 wrote:
The solution is to map the exp pedal not to a CC message but to a pitchbend message. On the other hand your midi pedalboard should be able to send pithcbend messages trough expression pedal. My lf+12+ didn’t but I resolved using a midi solution pedal controller programmed to send pitchbend

That makes sense.  Last I checked, pitchbend is definitely received at a higher resolution than a 7-bit CC message.  At least 12-bit; if not double precision 14-bit.  Comes in handy beyond the PitchFlex algo.

The only quirky thing I’ve seen is that it doesn’t return ‘cleanly’ to center, using a keyboard-style pitch wheel (a few cents off).  And yes, MIDI Solutions offer some great … solutions to all kinds of routing problems.  They can mount under a pedalboard, and (in most cases) powered over MIDI.