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angelrojasguitar wrote:

Thanks Alex, my brain was about to explode looking to achieve Ballerina effect. Don’t know if it can be achieved combining QVox with the rest of the apps ( I have them all )


Hi, it is possible but you need another app to run independent lines for delays and pitch, I am even able to do it inside BIAS FX and I can also do it inside AUM running much less expensive apps: just set 2 AUM channels with both inputs assigned to your guitar interface, then run on each a pitch and delay line with the corresponding values and FX 100% wet, then assig both outputs of the channels to a BUS and another channel with its input taking the output of those 2 channels and that way you can also play with the pan levels so they’re not 100% L/R or mono and also add a little reverb or other FXs….

That’s why I’m also dissapoited that we can creat that effect with other less expensive apps but it seems they ust dumped the Eventide algoritms to iOS for mainly “presets play” and it seems they’re not even updating it, It seems they don’t even care about the reviews on the Apple app store as many people complain about the same and the devs don’t even reply there…