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tlongabaugh wrote:

Hi, we’ve read your concerns and are aware of them. As I stated previously, the app was not designed for chromatic play and adding these features now is something that would break session compatibility for our users, which is a non-starter. I’m sorry that the app does not do exactly what you want, but incorporating the features you request would require rewriting most of the shift / delay grouping / panning UI/UX. This is something more likely to make it into a different app than as an update for QVox. The preset overwriting issue is logged in our system and will be addressed in a future update.

By the way, we do read App Store reviews and care greatly about user feedback – we monitor the reviews and respond as appropriate.

  Well, it took almost 2 months and several messages here (not only from me) to respond over there, anyway, I’m a programmer too and I don’t see how adding just the “static cents” option would break the whole app (unless the coding is too buggy)… Anyway, if at least you could offer refunds that would be better as asking people to pay for another app instead of working on upgrades is a NO NO…..