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If there is going to be a general firmware/control-app update please consider adding ribbon controller capability to the output fader (like in the new stompboxes and plugins) to that too.  I know you’ve heard it before, but just had to ask once more since this could be the last update for the H9.

The ribbon controller and hotswitch are unbelievably effective/useful for playing live.   Almost all of my presets make use of them and output control is hugely important for playing live.  

I know a prior update added expression pedal control as “PARAMETER OPTIONS” but it just doesn’t work well.  It prevents use of the ribbon controller when engaged (a big sacrifice), it can’t be set for subtle changes, and it is glitchy in practice.   For these reasons, the prior fix is just not good enough to be in an Eventide product.  It’s not good enough for the H9.