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It would be interesting if three years later it was also possible to add a lower latency version for a live context. Currently the waveform is divided into frames of ~40ms and is analyzed to find stable and/or predictable patterns ( https://www.eventideaudio.com/blog/nsanchez/introduction-structural-effects ). It could be very useful to go from 40 to 30 or 20ms and in many contexts it could be a triumph.

The current version 2.8.8 always maintains the same latency values that I repeat below (frequency, sample delay, time delay). Currently the least delay is achieved at 192kHz, -10ms compared to 44.1kHz.

192000f, 10512s, 54.7ms

176400f, 10512s, 59.6ms

  96000f,   5392s, 56.1ms

  88200f,   5392s, 61.1ms

  48000f,   2832s, 59.0ms

  44100f,   2832s, 64.2ms