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Rod#S wrote:


I have been thinking of getting another Harmonizer product for my guitar rack and was curious what people think is the best bang for buck purchase of the older Harmonizers post H3000 because I have a H3000 D/SX. I realize the Eclipse can still be purchased new but am more interested in the others for the moment, like the 4000, and 7000 series.

It would only be used for guitar so I guess perhaps in the 4000 series a GTR 4000 may make more sense then a DSP 4000, then there was what, the DSP 4500, DSP 7000 and rather than the DSP 8000, the DSP 7600 would be the more targeted to guitar unit seeing as it’s only a stereo unit.



If you already have a 3000, how much better is a 4000 really? I’d go as modern as my wallet allows. you already have vintage covered. Why get “slightly less vintage”? I can only imagine a 7600 has loads more algos.