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Eventide Staff
dgsiii wrote:
Does the FX loop on the MixingLink send the combined signal of both the MIC XLR IN and the INSTRUMENT IN?


dgsiii wrote:
Is there a way of setting it to send the signal from just one?

No. You would have to just connect one or the other.

dgsiii wrote:
It seems that the signals are summed before sending to the FX but the manual also says: “The source for the DRY signal comes from either the MIC/LINE IN XLR connector or the INST IN 1⁄4” phone jack.” Hence my confusion.

Your assumption is correct. On page 8 of the manual just before EFFECTS LOOP CONNECTIONS it states, “when you insert a plug into the INST IN jack the input to the MIC pre-amp is mixed with the MIC/LINE input and the GAIN control act on both INST and MIC/LINE inputs simultaneously.”