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Hi Eventide and fellow users !

all seems to be working (win 10 x64 also), yes.

So you decided to mainly focus the work on changing -just a bit- the look of H9 control ? 😀 so efficient !

I already had doubts for 2 years about “store tab” relevance for H9max users (to buy twice an algo?). especially on (tiny screen) phone app. So thank you ! bravo à vous !!! enfin !!!! merci !

If you’re at ending your work with H9 & H9 Control, and (perhaps already mentionned or desired) although i’m not a native english source/speaker, i’ll add a few propositions (and a French user gift perhaps at the end, if able to upload, a listing of algos parameters in excel format). Hoping to be properly understood despite my english. I’ve been thinking about writing this for 2 years…

I – on the H9 device

1- considering the complexity of H9 parameters (so much algos have so much different parameters), it would be really “user-friendly” to have the ability to present on the H9 device display the NAME of the CC# being changed (when using midi CC# to parameter) before (or after) the present value of the parameter with a point somewhere on the display (whatever sign?) dispayed only when you are at the origin value of the parameter.

(or you could perhaps use the 3 led buttons winking when changing value to display if you are now “down/on it/up of” the origin value of the preset being changed). So you can (or try to) come back precisely to the original setting after variations (the device setting option to define the “alternate timelap” between name & value would be also really “user friendly”)