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Eventide Staff
Rat260Sound wrote:

My Ultratap pedal which I recently bought through Reverb has some interesting quirks which may make it impossible to use at a gig.  For one thing, if left on long enough, the device fails to produce any sound at all (other than the dry signal).  This happens without touching it.  Second, the right switch (which sets the beats per minute) failed to blink.  Press it a couple of times. . .nothing.  Just stays on.  As I said, this came up in the studio, but now we're concerned that it would be a problem at gigs.  Could this be a firmware problem?  Is Eventide offer repairs on these pedals?

This issue (unresponsive pedal stuck in bypass) sounds exactly like a bug we encountered a while ago. This has since been fixed.

If your UltraTap pedal is still on firmware version 1.0.0[0], please update it to the latest available version (1.0.3[3] is currently the latest).

You can check the currently installed firmware and update to the new firmware with Eventide Device Manager.