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ericcraigis wrote:
I'm completely disarmed by the fact that I can't just reach down and make a quick adjustment on the fly to accommodate the sound of the room, like mix or length.

We most certainly can reach down and make a quick adjustment. First off, the X,Y,Z buttons can be programmed to go immediately to the three most important parameters we'd want to edit in a live scenario. My strategy is two program X and Y to the two most important parameters, and then put Z in "expert" mode so that pressing it consecutively will search through ALL the parameters of an algorithm. To learn about this, I recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/FH9QUEmtKro

ericcraigis wrote:
But ultimately, I’m most concerned about switching between pre-sets quickly during or between songs with just the pedal and my feet. Every single demo I see of the pedal people are using their hands. Is this pedal reasonable to use live with just your feet?

There are three ways you can use H9's in your rig using your feet.

1-Switch presets using the front panel switches – Not optimal if you have a lot of pedals to switch

2-Using a MIDI switcher (Best alternative)

3-Using the H9 in a Source and Sync configuration. 

The great thing about the H9 is that it can send out program change information and thus serve as the "leader" within a group of MID-capable pedals, such as the ones in your rig. The hard part is programming receive maps on all those pedals, so that when you send a command from the H9, each respective pedal maps to the appropriate preset you want to use in conjunction with the H9. Of course, the simplest solution is to organize the presets in each pedal so that when you engage preset #10 on the H9, preset 10 on each pedal will already be the sound you want. (versus sending preset 10 on H9 and then having the Strymon receive 10 and map to preset 35 and the next pedal interpret 10 from H9 to preset 31 or something random)

If you want to learn how Source and Sync works with 2 H9's, I made this video some time ago explaining the functionality to a friend. Your rig doesn't have to have two H9's. The second pedal could be any MIDI-capable pedal, and it doesn't even have to be limited to two pedals. I could be any number of pedals you want as long as you can program receive maps, which most advanced pedals should do. Since we can program command like increment+load and decrement+load, I incorporate auxiliary switches to achieve all of this with one button press.


But no question, incorporating a MIDI switcher/looper is what the pros do because it's the most efficient. Some more advanced MIDI switchers even allow us to change the order of the effects, run effects in parallel, and do interesting things with advanced operations like toggling and double-tapping. They also offer way more configurability with expression pedals.

ericcraigis wrote:
Secondly, are there banks to save pre-sets to so you don’t have to overwrite the factor pre-sets to make your own menu of sounds to be used?

No, the H9 does not have banks. There are simply 99 presets.

HOWEVER, you may create an unlimited number of preset lists that you can load into the H9 at will. You can even constrain presets so that if you have a list with 10 favorite sounds, the pedal will only allow you to search within those 10 and not the full 99. For example, you can have a "Gig" preset list and a "studio or recording" preset list, and you can load them at into the H9 via a mobile device or computer before a gig or session. If you don't want to lose the factory presets, you may back up your pedal to its own preset list on any device, or you can access every single factory preset list that ever existed for the H9 right off of our website.