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luedmo wrote:

camn wrote:

Hey dude!

I actually don’t have any EvenMidi stuff… but the CH340 chip is a pretty common hobby board. You might try this:


tutorial to get the drivers cooking?


Here is the direct link to the english driver page: http://www.wch-ic.com/downloads/CH341SER_ZIP.html


good luck!

Thanks Camn!

Really appreciate it 🙂



update: I have installed the driver successfully Thanks Camn 🙂


– I cannot find the “Evenmidi xLoader software” on the EvenMIDI webiste, nor in the NorthernLight Modular website (they seem to have migrated there)

– the latters’ firmware folder on gDrive maqkes no clear mention of which relates to the EvenMIDI, it just has cryptic codes


I can find xLoader on the web, but Evenmidi suggests there is a special “Evenmidi Xloader Software”.

The main Chip is tiny and seems to be a


AU 1/ 10


Here’s how far I am on the instructions…

  1. done
  2. done
  3. done
  4. Install the EvenMidi XLoader software.
  5. Download the latest version of the EvenMidi firmware.
  6. Launch the software, choose Duemilanove / Nano (ATmega328). Load the .hex (firmware), choose the newly assigned USB port
  7. Upload and wait for the update confirmation message.
  8. Now that your MCU is up to date, you can remove the USB cable and put it back in.