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bendaco wrote:

New to Forum.  Can’t find how to post new topic.  My problem seems related to this thread.

I have 2 H9s and want to control preset up/down on both with one click and active passive on both with one click.  What is simplest way.  Connect together with MIDI and one can control the other?  Separate MIDI controller to switch both?  Other?

I haven’t tested this out (so it may not work) but I believe one simple way to do this is as follows:

Connect the two h9’s (a master and a slave) with a midi cable. And …

Select the midi settings that forces the slave up/down to follow the master (midi channel, send up/down command, etc).  When you select the up/down command, you probably want to automatically activate the preset … so that’s actually two commands with one footswitcth tap … there is a midi send command that does both.. 

Obviously, don’t select that if you want to manually activate the newly-changed preset(s).   If activating manually, you probably want to set the master up to also send activate commands to the slave.

Please let us know how you make out.