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No problem. Hopefully ok to write it here. I tried out a couple of amp situations and they were similar but not indentical problems though:

Guitar>Overdrive>zoom MS in bypass loop>DBA fuzz>teisco delay>diy fuzz

This section goes into input of a carlsboro stingray super atm.

SEND>eventide space>ehx hazarai>a master volume ‘pedal’>RETURN

FROM OTHER SPACE OUTPUT>AMT ampsim>ehz hazarai other in+out> Hologram microcosm
>>>>>Im trying this thru a bass amp atm although idea is to use a PA for carrying and desk control.

The main reason is to get a parallel path for the Microcosm as its like a second instrument/looper more than an effect but thought it would sound good with the Space stereo (it does). Its some weird order to an extent but its what i like and saved another splitter box (guess that is an option-i have one but no pedalboard space.

The other way i tried was not using the fx loop, i just tested with sending it all to two input on one amp.

This way with the bass amp and fx loop it mostly has the problem on the bass amp’s channel. I had to crank it a lot to balance a fuzz only sound, but with hazarai engaged its like stepping on a boost and would have to turn the vol down.

I thought it could have been a prob with the hazarai, which seems to run two identical channels without ‘ping pong’ if there is a stereo input (thats what i want really as Space stereoes better) yet then why would the DSP mode rectify it? My main issue with DSP is i have dynamic sounds with fuzzes and dont want clipping, but it does also change tone a bit too much.