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The outputs of the Space (and I’m sure with the EHX as well) cannot be broken up in a dual mono way like this. This setup will not render neither a good mono signal nor a good stereo signal. Basically, one side of the Space’s output is going back to the amp while the other is being processed in other ways. That completely messes with the stereo imaging and will most certainly mess with your dry signal.

Analyzing your effects chain, it seems you’re trying to run a Wet/Dry rig. However, without a third amplifier you won’t be able to run any effects in stereo. Wet/Dry/Wet

If you run Space in Wet/Dry mode you’ll be able to send the dry signal to your amp and a properly summed mono signal to another amplifier or chain of effects. But if your aim is to have both amps give you a proper stereo signal, it’s not going to happen as currently configured.

Also, two inputs into one amp will never render stereo and it also won’t render a properly mono summed signal. You need another amp to stereo properly.