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-my thinking behind it is more about the Hologram being wet/dry.
– sometimes i can get an impure stereo that signal seems like a bonus andi know its not an ideal identical left/right. Its more like bi-amping but all the better if there is some difference in signals, right?
– the space is not really used as a subsidary reverb either that could be wet/dry. id say its on fully wet mix most the time, or bypassed for shoegaze effects.
– was only using the two inputs as a testing scenario. Turn one side down and see if it works type thing…. But in this situation i get the weird attenuated dry signal.
– i havent tried without the hazarai. Same issue really that at least one song its full-wet. Oh and if that was stereo alone it ping pongs…so id get the rhythm screwed up/effects are too different.

-can try using a splitter box i guess, with
Space>hazarai>splitter to amp//splitter to ampsim and microcosm.

That could be worth trying if the splitter is decent enough. Its a passive ABY. Id just have to have some board overflow :).
I see how stereo in live situations isnt necessarily desirable anyway too, given the PA of a micced combo probably wouldnt be panned or anything.

Still…weird it did that, huh?