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Eventide Staff
steevhise wrote:

I just got a Blackhole pedal and i'm wondering about stereo – does it "stereo image"? What i mean by that is, I have it in stereo mode and i have a stereo-mono TRS to double-TS y-adapter plugged into the input, and if i only send to one side, i would expect the effected output to be "skewed" toward that side, with some reverb leaking over into the other side (like if you had a sound source on one side of a reverberant room, of instance)… but, even when i listen on headphones, it doesnt seem like this is what's happening, it sounds the same as if a centered signal was being input…

Am I just expecting the wrong thing, or doing something wrong? Or maybe just not listening carefully enough? or what? Are there only certain presets that "image" like what i'm talking about?



Have you toggled the Mono-Stereo switch to Stereo?