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Spoderman01 wrote:

Hi, just wanted to add my contribution. I’m using an iPad Mini 2 recently updated to iOS 11 and was experiencing the same problem of not being able to connect to both of my H9’s. But after reading this thread, I tried the ‘quickly connect both’ and it seems to have worked. Had to wait until the 1st was ‘Connected’ before I could quickly click on the 2nd. Then when the H9 allow/ignore popup appeared for the 1st connection, I selected ignore. When the 2nd popup appeared, I clicked allow and when H9 Control opened, both H9’s were available. Definitely a relief to know there’s a workaround for this that I can live with.

I want to confirm the above with a slight variation on the above mention workaround,in which in my case i dont press IGNORE
at the first pop up,
1.forget this network on all other bluetooth connected devices
2.Power up the 2 H9s
3.Have them both on a not connected status
4.press connect to the 1st device watching the 2nd blue Led on the pedal.
5.When the second blue Led lights up and the status on ipad shows connected,
6.press quickly connect to the second device,before the 1st pop up window
7.When the 1st pop up appear do nothing it will disapear and soon after a 2nd pop up window appears for approval.
8.Press Allow and watch that the second blue Led on the second device is light up and the Ipad tab sows connected.
9.You now have both units connected .Voila!
IOS 12.8
Ipad Air1