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joecozzi wrote:

Boynigel wrote:
On my Rotary patch i simply want to be able to toggle back and forth between my fast and slow settings.  The patch defaults to “fast”, which is how i want it, but when it press the Mode switch to slow it down, it slows it down but when i hit the switch again to bring the speed back up to normal it doesn’t happen. However, if i hold the Mode switch down, it goes back to the Fast setting but only for as long as i keep my foot on the pedal.  As soon as i let go, it goes back to the Slow setting where it remains, unless i select another patch and go back to it.


for some reason it sent a group of 19 presets.  the Rotary patch in question should be #3 in the list

This is unusual. It should come back to your “fast” setting even though it may do so slowly, like a real Leslie. I tried this with all the presets and it works using another 3-button footswitch. Can you send me the preset you’re working with to see if it works on my end? Just use H9 Control to export the .tide file and respond to this thread with it. Makes sure you’re not assigning multiple functions to the same connectors – TIP, RING, & T+R.

Boynigel wrote:
Here are my settings:

Increment Preset- Foot Switch 1 (tip and ring)

Decrement Preset- Foot Switch 2 (Ring)

Performance Switch- Foot Switch 3 (tip and ring)

Just as I suspected. You have “Increment Preset” and “Performance Switch” both assigned to TIP+RING. Only one function may be assigned to a switch at any given time.

Boynigel wrote:
Set Expression pedal value (aka HotKnob value)- Footswitch 1 (tip)

Set parameter 1 – Foot Switch 1 (tip)

I see you have PERFORMANCE SWITCH and the “SET EXPRESSION PEDAL VALUE” mapped to your aux switch. Please understand the difference in functionality — one is a toggle function, the other is a momentary function and this could be a major source of confusion for the H9 since you’re trying to map both to the FS3X.

PERFORMANCE SWITCH – In this case, it serves to toggle between SLOW/FAST

SET EXPRESSION PEDAL VALUE – allows you to instantly access the MAX value of a programmed expression pedal (or HotKnob) range. When you let go of it, it instantly goes back to the MIN value of that expression range. 

Boynigel wrote:
If someone could also tell me how to set the range on a given parameter for the HotKnob, that’d be great. 

I recommend watching this video to learn how to assign expression pedal (HotKnob) ranges:https://youtu.be/_gDiAys5L-4

Boynigel wrote:
I noticed on one of the Space algo’s that when i press the Mode button on the FS3X, that some parameters move, but they don’t have the blue rings around the knobs like you would for expression pedal settings.

Two ways we may instantly change parameter values on the H9 are using the HOTSWITCH and using an expression pedal. However, not all algorithms use a HOTSWITCH, as is the case with the Rotary algorithm you are using. Because of this, in Aux Switch Settings, we call it a PERFORMANCE SWITCH because depending on the algorithm you’re either controlling a HOTSWITCH or a setting like SLOW/FAST or FLEX on some pitch-shifting algorithms. 

On the algorithms that do use a HOTSWITCH, as is the case with all Space reverbs, you will not see blue ranges because this is not an expression pedal mapping. This is an instantaneous shift between values.

Boynigel wrote:
I want to learn how to define high/low parameters for HotKnob triggering via the FS3X.

This MIX and MAX settings for the HotKnob are the same as your expression pedal MIN and MAX settings. The YouTube link above explains it.

On the other hand, to program a HOTSWITCH, press the “HOTSWITCH” button down until the button flashes. Then, move the parameters to the values you want to shift to instantaneously. Press HOTSWITCH again to exit the programming mode. Now, every time you hit HOTSWITCH, you’ll see the values immediately toggle from one value to the one you’ve programmed. The difference between this and an expression pedal, is that with a pedal, you may actually access in-between values on the way to the extremes, as delineated by the blue ranges.

If what you prefer is to instantaneously change values then I recommend using the HOTSWITCH. However, in the case where you have an algorithm like “Rotary” where the PERFORMANCE SWITCH is a “SLOW/FAST” control, the only way you’ll be able to emulate HOTSWITCH behavior is setting your expression pedal ranges and programming one of your aux switches to control the “Set expression pedal value.” Given you only have a 3-button aux switch, you’re going to have to pick which three of the four options to control with the FS3X.

Increment, Decrement, Performance Switch, or Set Expression Value. You cannot control all four, only three and none can be mapped to the same aux switch. Only way around this is using MIDI.