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joecozzi wrote:

I just tried that preset on my H9 and I cannot find any issue with it. On my aux switch TIP is assigned to the PERFORMANCE SWITCH. Please send me a screenshot of your Aux Switch Mappings. I still think the issue is there.

Okay, so I managed to get it working how I need it to be last night just before going to bed.  This leaves me with one final question regarding how to set the high/low parameters in an algorithm such as Space.

 You mentioned I won’t see blue ranges on the knobs because it isn’t an expression pedal mapping in said algorithm.  That’s fine, but how do I set them?  They’re obviously still set-able (minus the blue rings) as certain values are responding in the factory presets to my FS3 Mode button.

 Do I do it the same way as I would with an expression pedal setting, and I just won’t see the blue range?  Unfortunately I’m at work all day so I haven’t had a chance to try it hands-on, and by the time I get home you’ll be gone so I figured I’d ask now in hopes of avoiding any kind of road block.  thanks for your help.