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apalazzolo wrote:
To all: On a related note, does Hotsawz do everything better than Synthonizer (which I didn’t find to be useful at all).  I think the answer is, yes.  Have I overlooked anything?

I’ve managed to get a decent wah (w/expression pedal), a poor man’s Digitech Freqout, a Telstar … stuff like that.  I kind of left it behind after HotSawz.  Better tracking; so much control packed into ‘ten’ parameters.

It’s a lot more forgiving on dyads & chords, too.  It almost seems like low note priority on a hardware mono synth (but it may be that the loudest note wins).  You’ve planted an earworm with that GR300 request.  Has me revisiting HotSawz to see if (and how) it can be done.