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Fender17 wrote:

Have you managed to try H9, yet?

No.  Why would I?  I am perfectly happy with my current lineup of effects.  There is no need to fix something that I don’t think is broke or requires change.  And just to be completely open, some of my favorite effects are not even guitar pedals: they are Eurorack modules.  For example, the most interesting reverb I have ever heard is the Erbe-Verb module from Make Noise.  I use it mostly with my modular system but I have also run guitars through it from time to time.  I absolutely love it but will readily concede that it’s not for everyone.  Since it has no presets it can get pretty wild and there is something of a learning curve to getting it dialed in.  But that said it is massively flexible in ways that other reverbs are not.  For example, you can modulate many parameters with a control voltage or LFO for some pretty mind blowing effects.

I suggest that you guys not get too wound up because I am not that impressed with the Eventide technical design.  I pretty much said what I had to say here four years ago and my position hasn’t changed nor is it likely to.  Eventide seems to be doing just fine without selling me any pedals and I am fairly certain my misgivings about the brand is not going to cause any loyal Eventide users to trash their pedals and abandon the brand.

My number one rule with gear is not to care what someone else thinks of my choices and preferences.  I don’t buy gear to please them…I buy it please me and to fill a musical need or add a capability that I lacked previously.  What someone else makes of my choices isn’t relevant and so I try to avoid situations where I feel as though I have to defend my preferences and choices.  That is wholly unnecessary.