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Maybe he asked if you tried the H9 yet because you were here asking about the device. Well, by asking I mean demanding eventide tell you the sample rates at the cost of your business. And now you’re saying “Why would I?” Well, nobody would care to ask you, if you weren’t here asking about the gear in the first place so don’t act so surprised.

jsaliga wrote:

But that said it is massively flexible in ways that other reverbs are not.  For example, you can modulate many parameters with a control voltage or LFO for some pretty mind blowing effects.

Eventide FX processors can do this, with ANY parameter(s), at 24bit/96K too!

jsaliga wrote:

I pretty much said what I had to say here four years ago and my position hasn’t changed nor is it likely to.

Actually, you came and sh*t on eventide insinuating they were “hiding” their sample rates, demanded the information rudely, and claimed that 24bit/96k was the bare minimum for any effects, tried to prove it with an ultrasonics whitepaper, and now hilariously are still here, except now you’re talking about your favorite (48Kbps btw) reverb pedal.

jsaliga wrote:

What someone else makes of my choices isn’t relevant…

True, except it is relevant when you make specific claims about your choices on a public forum. (And even mislead people when it comes to effects)