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bohan wrote:

No. Because once you connect USB port on your 1st H9, it disables it DIN input and output. Why don’t you just connect MIDI BABY to your 1st H9 via DIN, and your 1st H9 to your 2nd H9 via DIN as well? Set your 1st H9’s MIDI setting to thru, then you can use your MIDI BABY to control your 2 H9s.

Actually, if you read carefully, I am not proposing to use any DIN on the first H9.  If the USB is bidirectional the first H9 would transmit through the USB to the MIDI Baby (which would then pass data on to the second H9 – via DIN).   So it should be irrelevant that the first H9 DIN is disabled.

Regarding your question, space constraints and cabling considerations are more favorable for USB connections.  But that has become moot in light of Joe’s comment.

Thanks to you both.  I appreciate your guidance!