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ptracy wrote:


I downloaded some user presets, and when I go to import them to the H9 android app, it doesnt work.  I have 2 H9's. When I download the user presets on the pc, I can import them into the H9 pc app no problem. But when I download them on the tablet and try to import them the same way, nothing happens. When I select import and go to the file in downloads, it isnt recognized like it is when I do that on the pc. Nothing happens at all.

So I tried emailing the files to myself, and opening the email on the tablet and doing it that way. Same thing. When I select "import" and go to downloads, and then select the .H9Z file, nothing happens.

So I tried exporting the entire list from the PC app, and emailing it to the tablet, but still, nothing happens when I go to import and select it.


So I guess it just doesnt work, right? 


Lucky for me,. I saved most of my preset favorites on the tablet, not the pc. So I can manually add the 26 or so that I still need in my favorites on the tablet. But this also means I cannot use any user created presets on the tablet, there is no way to get them in there. 


I hope I am just an idiot an it actually does work. I have had no issues until this one.


Thanks for any suggestions you can suggest.

I've had similar issues before. What device do you use? A Samsung Galaxy Tab? Did you give H9 Control the permission to access files and internal storage?

I found that if I saved them in the Files->Downloads shortcut, I couldn't import them; However, if I saved them in Files->Internal Storage->Download, I could import those presets. You may want to try this again. It's weird and I don't know why. Let me know if this works.

If not, there is another workaround that you can save all your downloaded user presets to your H9 pedal on your PC, and then save those presets from your H9 to your H9 Control on your tablet.