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Bodde wrote:

apalazzolo wrote:

ModFilter is not my favorite, but this is my best (still not great) stuff.  Use your treble pickup on the autowah and it is (just barely) bright enough.  

Thanks for your Pichfuzz and Modfilter sounds! I tried them. The Pitchfuzz sound is a nice mild overdrive. I agree with what you say about the Modfilter. With the envelope settings in lowpass mode it is all really dark and muddy. You can set the intensity higher or fiddle with the sensitivity but then you loose a nice mwah sound. I tried on bass as well but it is not really sounding great with the envelope settings. Very hard to get a sweet spot. It is useful for wobbly sounds though.

Here are two Quadravox presets. An arpeggiated sound and a solo Brecker type sound. Let me me know what you think.

I played crappy bars all over New England USA for quite a few years.  I still think like a barfly blues band balladier and my presets tend to show it.  The concept of Peachfuzz preset I posted was:1. here is a clean rhythm sound and from there one can lean into the exped for a clean solo boost … or 2 one can play crunch rhythm with the hs activated and still lean into the exped for a solo boost.

May I ask how one would use your Quadrovox presets?   Candidly, I don’t know how to use them.  I hear that the harmony is pleasant in the right key, But how does one use in a song?  I’m thinking CMAJ9 might be used to repeat a line over and over  as the H9 spells out the defined arpeggio (in time) and that would create some ambience.  I also hear them as an accent phrase here and there.     

What else?   I’m sure there is more and I’d love to hear your thoughts on these presets.  Thanks!