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The advantage to this one is in blending & customizing the reverb(s) character.  For example, bright small room reflections with a later, dark bloom.  Or unnatural, like an upfront cavern with shimmering tails.  Something to be said for using it in a mixer send & receive context, too.

I’m sure there was a lot of cross-pollination among, say, the AMT 250, Lexicon 224, the SP2016 (especially the 1st two) in the early days.  They were all inventing digital reverb.  Limiting everything to SIZE and DECAY controls here has to cover a lot of ground, and many types of ‘verb responses.

I consider most any one of the ET reverbs capable enough for ambient work.  I embrace the fact that Eventide has given each of them enough range to really “hurt ourselves”.  In other words, not limiting the depth of parameter values to some form of preset standards.