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Thank-you so much, gents, for getting back so quickly. They aren’t daisy chained because I understood that was not necessary when using a quadra through; in that, essentially, the signal would be transmitted to the eventides and sent back to the switcher over the same 5 pin MIDI cable. I’m brand new to MIDI and the user guide has been very difficult to understand…and…I’m certain that’s because I’m so new to the subject. I have a red indicator on the left foot switch and set the RCV CTL to “ACT”. Output in the SystemMIDI is set to Merge. What I think I’m seeing is that the red light is on at the left switch. So, I’m thinking it’s “on” but because of a setting I don’t understand it is not transmitting. I’m sure I’ve done something incorrectly but I don’t know what; can you redirect me?