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apalazzolo wrote:
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apalazzolo wrote:

May I ask how one would use your Quadrovox presets?   Candidly, I don’t know how to use them. 

Good question. These arpeggiated sound I use as basis for songs or parts of songs. For inspiration and to get sequences you might not think of otherwise. The four part harmonies I use for fusion type solo sounds a la Michael Breacker’s EWI sax sound for example.

Below is an example of the song “Glimpse of a Proggy Past” I made a few weeks ago. It has some odd time signatures. The Quadravox formed the basis of this song. It’s on bass! Later I dubbed it with a piano. 



Thanks.  This is great stuff.  No wonder I didn’t know how to use your preset.  This is waaaaaaay beyond me.  :o)  Keep it up!

Thanks! The preset above is not the exact preset as in the song. But something similar. I also like these type of Quadravox presets on bass.