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So, I got back on this today (Saturday, 2021.09.25). The setup is as previous with the addition of audio cables to put the Time Factor into loop 7 on my switcher. Same result – no change in my guitar’s tone. I set the RCV CTL to ACT. I understand – and this is kind of a question in my mind; I’m really new to MIDI – that there is a CC value that ties to the “ActiveBypass” change which must be transmitted from the switcher to the Time Factor along with the “Active” (rather than the bypass) value selected in order to activate it. But, I cannot find any reference to what that CC ActiveBypass identifier is and what the value for Active is. I know that I’m trying to do something incredibly simple and can’t understand from the owner’s manual how to do it. Does Eventide maintain a library of how to videos to help with this?

Thanks for all the help,