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…a little bit more…I was able to see that, even if I set the pedal to “active”, a continuouschange command was being sent to set it to “Bypass”. So, I went into RCV CTL and setup a an active command as C!. But, I have questions that I hope answers to which will help me send the right CC from the switcher. The owner’s manual has the notation of BND – MIDI Pitch Bend with an associated numeric range of C0 – C99.

What is BND? MIDI Pitch Bend?

Is C0 the condition “Bypass” (Active Off essentially)?

Is C99 the condition “Active”?

Are there numeric values associated the external control destinations listed on page 51 (the list that goes BYP, BK+, BK-, etc…not the KB) and following)? I ask because the switcher requires that I identify the “Active” indicator toggle by a number and then express a numeric that is either “Active” or “Bypass”. Said another way, there are 2 numeric fields one that identifies the toggle and one that tells its condition.

Thank-you for your help,