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brianyaw wrote:
The setup is as previous with the addition of audio cables to put the Time Factor into loop 7 on my switcher. Same result – no change in my guitar’s tone.

Can you explain how you are routing audio in your system from beginning to end?

For now, I would simply connect your guitar to the pedal’s input and its output to your amp before you start experimenting with loop switchers. Have success switching the pedal with MIDI commands and be certain the pedal is active before you make more complex connections.

brianyaw wrote:
I set the RCV CTL to ACT. Is there a CC value that ties to the “ActiveBypass” change which must be transmitted from the switcher to the Time Factor along with the “Active” (rather than the bypass) value selected in order to activate it.

In MIDI, when you’re controlling a function assigned to a CC number you have to send along a value with it. As it pertains to ON/OFF type messages, sending a value less than 64 is equal to “OFF,” while a value greater than 64 is considered “ON.” For simplicity’s sake, we recommend sending either a value of “0” (zero) for OFF and 127 for ON.

brianyaw wrote:
But, I cannot find any reference to what that CC ActiveBypass identifier is and what the value for Active is.

Page 52 of the manual states, “ The minimum parameter value will be set when the MIDI CC sends a 0 and the maximum parameter value will be set when the MIDI CC sends 127.”