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Thank-you so much for your thoughtful explanations…and….they really help. You asked a couple of things of me: 1) my audio route beginning to end 2) and experiment with it sending MIDI signals while going directly in from guitar and directly out to the amp.

My signal chain is: guitar in via a Mesa Boogie High Wire to switcher; Loop 8 is the Timefactor and, therefore, loop send from the switcher goes into mono in on the TF, mono out on the TF goes to loop 8 return; then the out from the switcher goes to the amp. There is no effects loop on the amplifier.

I used all four factor pedals sequentially for years without a switcher…and…they worked perfectly, couple of repairs needed by Eventide repair shop along the way, but, they worked great. When I bought the switcher, I did as you suggested and connected the MIDI to the TF but went in directly from my guitar and out directly to the amp as a test to begin to get a feel for it. It worked great, so, I went into this with a great deal of confidence.

I’ll work on what you’ve noted above…Brian