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Hi there.  I’ve got a new problem that has popped up upon updating to the  Emote 2.0.4(5)  

I’ve got several self created algorithms that use the tapknob that no longer work in Emote.  This because the “steps’ setting did nothing prior to this release (and stills doesn’t seem to do anything on the H9000).  Because of this and the lack of good documentation on the subject I didn’t really know what to set it to so sometimes just set it to 2. Now those knobs only have 2 states in Emote, although they work perfectly fine on the H9k.  

I’d like to know if I need to worry if they are going to stop working correctly on the H9000 front panel at some point as well.   I’ve used these algorithms in projects and since there is no real way to ‘update’ them in the H9000 I’d have to make whole new versions just for this one fix, which would be a real drag.

Thanks in advance for your help