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John Baylies

> Is there a 'recommended' number of steps for most cases where you want smooth behavior?  Basically how much is too much, and how much is not enough?

It depends on what you're controlling with it.

For this sort of investigation I'd recommend downloading an alg that already has a tapknob, like SRV, and noting its values.

1000 steps from 20 to 20000 Hz is enough for me, but if you highlight the `steps` parameter and look at the bottom of the sidebar, you'll see that parameter's min and max, which goes up to 32767 steps.


> Also, a better system for 'updating' a user created algorithm without duplicating it sure would be nice!  I understand it may be no easy task.

Currently the only way to do that is with Vsig's `Send To FX Chain 1 Slot 1`, which does not save the alg to the h9k, but does instantiate it in an FX Chain, which allows for easy prototyping, aside from the non-persistent presets and mappings. The implementation of the ability to update user-created algs without losing presets is something we're keeping in mind.

> If I were to take on the practice of version # iterating my algorithms it would be nice at the very least to have a 'legacy' folder in the H9k menu hierarchy.  This way older versions of algorithms could be 'hidden' within it but any projects that need those old algos would still be able to find them.

Folders for the Browser is something we're keeping in mind as well.