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Thanks. That sounds right.

I was only confused in that preset 15 (an Ekospacegod one) had defaulted to being a tuner when moving from another preset. I’m not sure whether this was through editing it with an older version of the controller app, some random buttons I’d pushed on the pedal, or something else entirely.

I tried to recreate it (copy that preset to a different slot) with the current app last night at rehearsal but the copied algorithm (to slot 12) didn’t default to a tuner and the original preset 15 no longer defaulted to a tuner once I had opened it in the app (it behaved as all the other presets).

I’m using both a little disaster area midi pedal and a (TRS) three button footswitch — it wouldn’t be an issue (I’ve used the three button switch to toggle the tuner) but I’m now using the three button switch to control the looper.

As a functional solution: I’ll simply create a couple “MUTE EVERYTHING” presets and save them in the spots adjacent to the ones I’m using on the relevant songs. I don’t think my old dmc-2+ midi pedal has the ability to (selectively) send a program change and a control change at the same time.

Thanks for your help and insight. I suppose it was simply a glitch somewhere, albeit one that I found useful.