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To put it simply, VSig allows you to see how many of our algorithms are created, and we are giving away our “secret recipes” to an extent. That is why we only offer this to our H9000 user community and not the general public.


One would need the actual hardware unit to be able to hear your “secret recipes” which, by the way, are not very secret because most have been ported from the H8000FW platform and the VSig for that is already available. Even if someone wanted to construct a similar algorithm using a different platform, the modules would be different (or simply non-existent), their implementation would be different, the range of parameters might be different, the hardware would be different and thus the sound would be different.

So, I don’t really understand the secrecy here. I think it might be much better to be available for all to download instead of having to ask users who already own the unit to provide a copy.