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Hello, that a very interesting thread. But I have also two H9, a max and a core beeing controlled by a EHX super switcher. That looper is ideal for my other gear, but is just able to send one PC-Command and/or one CC comand per preset.

I´m not too familiar with midi, but will it be the better way to put the presets on the core to PC numbers that should work together with a number on the max?

for example: Max and Core both on midichannel 1, Preset 1 on Max: DELAY, Preset 1 on Core: REVERB. And when the PC command from the EHX Superswitcher is PG1, both H9s change their program and work with Delay and REVERB simultainous in a chain.

Or is there any option to tell the Max a PG command from the EHX and it tells the core a PC command at the same time to switch to REVERB in this example?

I read somewhere, that the H9 is not able to send itself an PG-Command, if it is switched by an external MIDI PG command.

The EHX can send also one CC at the same time, but it will be not possible, I think to use a CC for presetchanges. Not too familiar with midi, so please excuse ….

Can anybody help?