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1. Lets say I have ten presets on my midi foot controller and for preset 1 I want the Tricera preset no 3. Can some midi mapping be done to fix this or will the Tricera always call upp the preset that corresponds to the incoming program change?

TriceraChorus will always call up the preset that corresponds to the incoming program change. However, you can change the order of all the presets on the pedal using EDM (Eventide Device Manager) by dragging and dropping or overwriting.

Also, is your MIDI controller programmable because if it is, that solves the problem by just programming that particular switch to send out the correct preset number (PC).

If that’s the case: does that mean that if I want the samt Tricera preset on for instance three different foot controller presets then I have to have same Tricera presets in three location (one for every program change sent from the foot controller)?

That doesn’t make sense. Which MIDI controller do you have?

Most will allow you to either open up the loop on a controller preset basis (if it’s a MIDI loop switcher like a Boss ES-8) or it will allow you to program as many presets that include activating the pedal of your choice as you want. Based on your model, we can come up with a more effective solution.

2. Can the Tricera be bypassed using a CC number?

Yes, according to the TriceraChorus quick reference guide, CC#14 controls activating And bypassing. Send it a value of 127 to activate and anything below 64 to bypass.