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Question: Once I’ve picked new parameters for the A B & C buttons using the “expert” mode, can I save them as the default parameters for those buttons on a given preset?

Yes, once you land on the parameter you want to assign to any of the buttons, press and hold that button for two seconds until it says “NORMAL” on the display. The button will exit “Expert mode” and store that parameter to that button.

watch this video: https://youtu.be/SG4d4KsnBbk

After assigning them, if I move away to a different preset, and then go back to that preset later, the unit reverts to the original default presets. Is there a way to permanently reassign those button within a given preset? If so, how do I do that?

Yes, as follow the directions in the previous response, but this time save the preset to the same position, so it stores your changes.

Or, can I make a custom preset (using a basic algorithm) where I assign those buttons? How would I do that (so far, I’ve just been tweaking the presets on the app and saving them w/o really renaming them).

You May do that as well, but it’s easiest to work with an existing algorithm if it has the sound you want. If you’re working on H9 Control, you may also make the X, Y, Z assignments on the app. Just double tap a parameter and a menu will show up giving you the option to assign the parameter to X, Y, Z. You still have to save the preset for them to stick.